Corporate image and why does it matter?

Today, image is more important than ever before, your customers have the ability to evaluate you without seeing you or your product/s. They can see what other customers think of you, images of the products or services you are selling, where you are located and how to contact you.

This is what creates an image in a customers mind, ensuring that you have the right address for your business is a part of this image as is a landline number. We have all searched for a company online and then overlooked them because their business address is clearly residential and their contact telephone number, a mobile.

Taking this to the next level, at MBA level they discuss a company having an identity, to evolve this we consider the company’s five senses. So when a customer visits your premises, we have to consider:

How did they smell? Clean? Fresh?
How does anything you serve taste?
How does it sound?
How does it look? Lighting? Decor?
How does the furniture and fabric feel?

When using a serviced office all of these senses should leave your customers with a positive image of your company, saving you time to work on creating and selling your product.

If you are looking to improve your corporate image then virtual offices, renting professional meeting space and serviced offices can help you.

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