5 reasons why your small business needs a virtual office


In today’s busy, modern world, many of us have taken the plunge to become the ruler of our own destiny and opened our own businesses.

Working for yourself gives you endless positives, the flexibility on when you work, who you work with and where you work from.

There are difficulties too, it’s can be difficult to expand, it can be difficult to know where to access information and it can be lonely.

The services provided from virtual and serviced offices can really help with many obstacles which may be preventing your business moving to the next level.


Before doing business today, everyone does a quick google search as a basic requirement to make a decision of whether you are reputable. Looking for a website, social media accounts, google ratings and also contact details. If your business address is clearly a residential address and your contact telephone number is a mobile, this gives an impression of a small owner run business which raises questions of whether there is a professionalism to the service provided.


Your private details in today’s technological world should ideally remain exactly that, private. Associating your home address with a business puts that information in the public domain enabling anyone the opportunity to visit your home address for business purposes whenever they decide to.

Meeting space 

When using a serviced office building as a virtual service they will have meeting space available to you to book by the hour. This enables you to meet with clients in a professional environment as and when you need the space, only paying for the time you need.


There will usually be a telephone option available when using virtual office services. Having a landline or 0800 number elevates your business profile to any perspective client.

Business community

Within a serviced office building, you will find many different businesses, most of whom require various business services as they themselves grow. Being a part of that business community not only gives you the opportunity of winning further clients but it also gives you a collection of professional contacts to assist you with your growth whether it be through advice or from acquiring their services.

If you would like to subscribe to the Home of Offices virtual office services then simply follow this link to sign up https://homeofoffices.co.uk/virtual-office-services/

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